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Fox News Channel is the news channel of American cable fox news station. Its news branches all over the world have a large number of reporters.

Fox News is the only news network that provides the latest news every hour. From 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. (US Eastern time), Fox News will provide the latest news reports at the beginning and end of each hour, and then explore various topics in depth, such as health, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, religion, family, psychology and politics. Every night, Fox News will also produce an hour long special program to analyze the important events of the day.

Fox News Channel was built by then chief executive Rupert Murdoch and others in the 1990s, and has great influence in American politics. This channel is one of the most watched cable news networks in the United States and contributes greatly to the profits of 21st century fox. This includes interviewing news figures and continuing to report the latest news of the event.